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Special projects

Special projects:

During 2015 the HSE issued a prohibition notice on a 10-story building under redevelopment when asbestos was disturbed. Our scope of works included advising how to secure realistic fire evacuation routes as normal fire escape corridor and staircases were compromised by asbestos removal teams. Principle contractors further engaged MB Fire Risk to undertake fire risk assessments, fire training and fire drills.

Later MB Fire Risk were called back due to another prohibition notice served preventing 140 local contractors from accessing the site. The notice was lifted once we were recommissioned and fire precautions reinstated. This time the scope of works extended to undertaking fire stopping surveillance of local contractors installing then re-installing fire stopping despite our advice to engage third party accredited fire stopping installers.

Ashford Building Control Senior Manager gave MB Fire Risk a positive reference for working in “extreme circumstances”. Later the principle contractors who wound-up were fined £570K plus costs for repeated asbestos failings. Click here to read more on this.