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Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Risk Assessments

Each of our experienced Fire Risk Assessors is based in Essex, London or Kent, members of UK professional fire associations including the Institute of Fire Prevention Officers and the Institute of Fire Engineers and hold a DBS certificate, formally known as the CRB check.

Our fire risk assessment competence is demonstrated by re-registration with the Institute of Fire Prevention Officers fire Risk Assessment Register.

Fire risk assessor Essex


registered fire risk assessor


Both George Vost and Martin Bainbridge are registered fire risk assessors 

Why choose MB Fire Risk?

  • “An assessment in time saves lives”
  • MB Fire Risk are Registered Fire Risk Assessors with the IFPO
  • Martin –
  • George –
  • Both Martin and George are on the FSF National Fire Risk Assessor Register, follow the link, accept the FSF disclaimer and input Martin Bainbridge or George Vost –
  • Our team of experienced Fire Risk Assessors provides high quality and professional fire reports using industry recognised standard PAS 79-2020 templates. 
  • We verify the fire risk assessment reports before emailing them to our customers in pdf format. 
  • A Registered Fire Risk Assessor is always involved in the risk assessment process, giving assurance of our fire compliance and good value for money.
  • Each assessor is either a company Director or long standing subcontractor.
  • Either a serving or a former professional London Fire Brigade or Essex County Fire & Rescue Service officer with a minimum of 21 year’s experience.
  • We each chose to develop our professional skills towards fire risk assessment and maintain CPD records.
  • We are keen to work with and offer advice to owners/managers, on how best to control fire hazards cost effectively.
  • We understand how the likelihood of fire can be greatly reduced, limiting the risk of death, injury, stress, heartache or homelessness.
  • Our primary aim is to help our valued new and existing customers develop robust fire strategies, keeping people within the buildings fire safe.
  • Our independent Fire Risk Assessors cover London, Southend, Chelmsford, Langdon, Grays, Thurrock Essex and the home counties.
  • We have been providing quality fire risk assessments at simple and more complex residential, commercial, offices, factories, and healthcare premises since the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) 2005 came into force.

“Don’t gamble with fire safety, it’s not value for your money”

A simple search on the internet shows many cheap and cheerful fire risk assessments by providers who generally are not registered. Please remember suitable and sufficient fire risk assessments are what the Regulators, Fire Service in particular are looking for. A proper fire risk assessment with action plan can save lives. All too often poor-quality reports prove to be a bad investment, exposing owners and managers to investigation for not undertaking due diligence checks. Please ensure you manage your risk properly by engaging competent fire risk assessors.

In 2011 the first Crown Court Judge to send a person to prison for providing a poor fire risk assessment and stated; “It seems to me an example should be set about fire risk assessors, who are not with qualifications…” 

Fire Risk Assessments

In 2012 the UK Government tasked the Fire Risk Assessors Competency Council (FRACC) to set a bench-mark expected of Fire Risk Assessors. The aim was to deter cowboy’s from selling poor quality fire risk assessments, compromising safety and sometimes leading to prison sentences.

More recently in June 2016 an Independent fire risk assessor and Runcorn care home were sentenced.

By using the free Fire Sector guide ‘Choosing a Competent Fire Risk Assessor’ you can avoid making a poor financial investment and be reassured that you are choosing a registered Fire Risk Assessor like MB Fire Risk via the IFPO Fire Risk Assessment Register.

See the National Fire Chief Council guidance when choosing a competent fire risk assessor –

See what the Fire Sector Federation say about choosing a compitent fire risk assessor –

See Nick Coombe FIFireE of the London Fire Brigade ‘8 tips to choosing a fire risk assessor’ via the ife says –

You may own or manage a business looking for professional help with fire risk assessments. Or you may be selling a property and need a fire risk assessment report to complete the sale. Or you may be looking for a long-term partnership with professional fire consultants, supporting your business to growth.

Either way we aim to provide an independent, reliable, sensitive, professional friendly service, highlighting what you need to know to be safe, fire resilient and compliant with the Fire Safety Order and UK law.

Thank you for considering MB Fire Risk….. How can we help?

Once engaged we provide high quality Fire Risk Assessments, evaluating your premises fire safety systems and management procedures using the most appropriate guidance.

After the fire risk assessment inspection; your Fire Risk Assessor will produce a user-friendly report that sets-out cost-effective solutions how to comply with the Fire Safety Order by following clear recommendations.

We offer time to discuss any recommendations with the owner or nominated ‘Responsible Person’ (Fire) and can provide the action plan in word format so progress can be recorded against any recommendations within our report.

Buildings types we have provided fire consultancy and fire risk assessment for include: 

  • Shops
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Factories
  • Nurseries
  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Masonic Halls
  • Activity centers
  • Commercial units
  • NHS walking centers
  • Residential care homes
  • Sleeping accommodation
  • Building construction sites
  • Sheltered Accommodation
  • Residential communal areas
  • Premises within shopping centers
  • Church and religious parish centres
  • Person Centred fire risk assessments
  • Small and medium places of assembly 
  • Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO’s)
  • Premises installing biomass boiler and fuel stores
  • Flats under Private Rented Property Licence (PRPL)
  • Complex acute, community and mental health hospitals
  • Residential blocks of flats under 18 meters high, considering the external walls, structure, common parts, flat entrance doors, PIB, FB access, water supplies, and means of escape as required by the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 changes to The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 in a cost effective way. Signposting client to fire engineers if an External Wall Survey EWS1 form is required to inform the fire risk assessment. 

If you would like a formal quotation, please email giving brief details about your buildings including number of levels, floor area, fire escape staircases, what it’s used for and the full postal address. We look forward to doing business with you!

A competent fire risk assessor should recognise personal professional limitations and know when to turn down work opportunities either out of one’s professional experience or to comply with registration, guidance and in some cases the law.

MB Fire Risk will no longer undertake work opportunities within buildings of 18-metres or seven stories high. This is to comply with The Building Safety Act 2022 amending Part 3 Building Act 1984 Building control authorities and building regulations 31 – 120D

“Higher-risk building” means a building in England that—

(a) is at least 18 meters in height or has at least 7 stories, and

(b) is of a description specified in regulations made by the Secretary of State.

fire risk assessor

Fire Risk Assessor Essex

Fire risk assessment Essex

Competent fire risk assessment reports

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