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Revised fire risk assessment template

We have just invested in the latest fire risk assessment template. Fire risk assessment – Part 1: Premises other than housing Code of practice.

This provides customers further assurance our Fire Risk Assessors are using an industry recognised standard when recording observations and any recommendations, within fire risk assessment we provide.

In fact, MB Fire Risk fist used PAS 79-207 then updated our template to reflect PAS 79-12. And we contributed to this latest BSI update.

Please remember; the template is a tool to assist a competent fire risk assessor provide a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment. It is essential the assessor is experienced in the premises type, has proven competency in fire risk assessment, suitable management skills, with sound character and integrity, working in an ethical manor.

Former and serving Firefighters lend themselves very well to fire risk assessment having responding to various fires, noting first-hand, causing of fire, contributory factors and avoidable weak management practices.

The competent fire risk assessor will have demonstrated proficiency to his peers via registration or certification with a professional body. As is the case for MB Fire Risk via the IFPO FRA Register.

Competence is the key. Consider; would you permit an untrained dentist to work on their teeth, or a qualified dentist who has never flown pilot the aeroplane your whole family are about to board. It’s the same with choosing a competent fire risk assessor. Unless your workplace or communal area is very straightforward and simple, always choose a registered Fire Risk Assessor. Remember “An assessment in time saves lives”.

Thank you for chooosing MB Fire Risk, let us know how we can help by emailing