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Offer to existing customers managing Fire Safety and COVID-19…

Are you restricting access into your workplace to prevent COVID-19 infections?

If so, we can help you manage fire safety in a 2-stage deferred process. Here’s how!


We review your maintenance records electronically, noting regular testing of fire safety systems and advise accordingly.

Update the audit part of your existing fire risk assessment that was previously undertaken by MB Fire Risk.

Updating the fire report if you tell us there has been changes to occupancy, processes, structual building works, false alarms or UnWanted Fire Signal etc. Anything that will change or introduce fire hazards into your premises.
You share the information with our fire risk assessors and we update the fire risk assessment report.


Later when the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, we can complete the fire risk assessment process by undertaking the site fire risk inspection and survey.

Finally completing your annual fire risk assessment report.

Should your business suffer a fire event during COVID-19 the investigating authorities are likely to require evidence of testing and maintaining fire safety systems. If your records are distroyed in a fire, presenting an up-to-date fire risk assessment may prove invaluable.

Having an up-to-date fire risk assessment demonstrates due diligence and fire compliance, in a measured and transparent way.

Working closely with MB Fire Risk fire risk assessors could prove to be a very sound investment and a desirable offer, not to be missed!

Remember “An assessment in time saves lives” and Martin wants our team to be there assisting your business grow safely.  

We are here to help. Email for a free quotation.