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40 years in the fire industry

40 years ago today Tuesday 15th January Martin begain his career at the London Fire Brigade training centre, Southwark.

Following basic training Martin was posted to K22 Wandsworth fire station where he cut his teeth on the Green Watch before tranfering to F22 Poplar in the east end of London moving up to Station Officer/Manger level.

When martin retired from operational responder duties he stepped into the world of managing fire safety in complex high risk healthcare supporting a high quality Director at Southend Hospital. From Southend acute to a community setting back in the east end of London before a move to mental healthcare and beyond.

In martins words “I wouldn’t change a thing, great people, interesting challanges and incredibly, the future is looking bright. I am privileged to work with a team of like minded, comitted, loyal fire professionals. Mentoring worked well for me and I enjoy the payback opertunity, developing other fire professionals seeking a little direction, helping drive fire inprovment via the IFPO. I love developing personal skills and influencing positive change….

Thank you to all those who encouraged me to progress. 40 years; seems like the blink of an eye and I am looking forward to the next blink”.